Thames Valley Investment offers five distinct portfolio options which are tailored to different attitude and tolerance to risk and clients’ needs for either growth or income

The portfolios will comprise of seven or eight funds with those in which we have the largest conviction making up 20% each with others in 5% increments down to 5%. The smaller holdings may include funds where we have reduced our conviction due to a period of strong relative performance and funds where we have initiated a holding due to improving fundamentals.

Portfolios are monitored and reviewed at least on a quarterly basis at the end of December, March, June and September, with an aim to switch funds within the following ten working days.

Particular attention will be paid to changes in management and style. Additionally the overall market will be reviewed to identify other sectors that may offer greater potential returns as a result of changes which have happened in the previous quarter.

Active reviewing is important because, amongst other things, fund managers move, styles change and periods of strong relative performance can lead to over valuation.

Funds will only be selected if they are available on the 7IM and Old Mutual Wealth fund platforms.

Our range of investment portfolios enables the management of holdings in ISAs and other investment wrappers more actively. Furthermore, where new monies are not available for ISAs, an option to switch investment funds to ISAs is offered.

There is a charge of 0.75% (plus VAT) for this service (to cover the review and switching of funds). We will invest in the lowest charging fund available and will rebate any commission received.

Key Benefits & Risks to Investing in Portfolios