Thames Valley Investments offers two investment management options – Discretionary Investment and Advisory Investment. These options are similar in terms of both the service we provide and the fees we charge, the main difference is in the way we execute investment decisions for clients:

Discretionary Investment

With discretionary investment, clients pass all of the day-to-day decision-making over to us.  A discretionary service minimises paperwork and allows us to execute any investment decisions we make for clients quickly and efficiently.  We will always keep clients informed of any significant changes we make to client portfolios.

Advisory Investment

With advisory investment, we write to clients before making any changes to client portfolios. If and when we receive written consent back from clients, we will make the suggested change to client portfolios. This service is suited to clients who like to discuss significant changes to their portfolio before they happen. However, it means we are not able to invest or make changes as effectively as we could, and you may incur additional charges.

Investment Management Service

Investment management clients are assigned a personal wealth manager who will regularly review investments.  Your wealth manager is also available to discuss investments by telephone, email or post throughout the year when needed.  Wealth Managers aim is to work with clients to construct a portfolio that is tailored to client’s individual investment requirements and tolerance to risk.

Our investment management service also includes the following benefits:


From January 2018, you will receive a valuation either by post, or online quarterly from your platform or provider. The platform or provider valuation will include the value of any transactions made during the period.  The April valuation from your platform includes an annual income schedule for tax purposes.   These valuations will complement services you receive from us.

Online valuations

Depending on the platform provider that is determined to meet your requirements, you may be able to view your portfolio and transaction history up to the minute directly from your provider and platform websites, and for some, directly via a secure app on your Smartphone.  Access to the platform logon pages is also available from our website.

Performance analysis

Valuations include client portfolio’s overall performance.

Capital Gains Tax Planning

Thames Valley Investments provides an optional, comprehensive CGT planning service.

We also advise on other products and platforms to suit individual circumstances. These offer similar benefits, with the exception of online valuations.

For clients with a smaller sum of money to invest our discretionary and advisory investment services remain an option, but a minimum fee of £375 per annum plus VAT applies.  For clients who would rather avoid this minimum fee we can offer our Thames Valley Investment Portfolio Service:

Thames Valley Investments Portfolio Service

Our Thames Valley Investments Portfolio Service allows clients to construct a portfolio based on our asset allocation models (currently five – Adventurous, Growth, Growth & Income, Higher Income and Low Risk). Changes to these models are made on a quarterly basis by our investment team, and a portfolio review is updated on our website every three months.  This service has no minimum charge. For more information please see the key benefits document below.

Key Benefits – July 2019

AIM Portfolio Service

Thames Valley Investments offers an AIM Portfolio Service. The AIM is the Alternative Investment Market, the UK’s junior investment market, and is a High Risk investment portfolio suitable for clients who are concerned about Inheritance Tax, but who still want an income, or access to their capital if required. Individuals who have held shares listed on the AIM for two years qualify for Business Property Tax Relief on those assets, which means the value of the shares is not counted as part of your estate for the purposes of calculating Inheritance Tax. This means a saving of 40% of the sum invested can be achieved in two years.

The brochure below provides information on the service, charges and the key considerations and risks associated with this investment choice.

AIM Portfolio Service –  Dec 2017

TB Elite Strategic – Daily Price Feed

For clients invested in TB Elite Strategic who like to see the daily price feed, please click the link below and then select the download button.  This link takes you directly to the T. Bailey website.

TB Elite Strategic – Daily Price Feed

Investment Management Fees

For both our Discretionary Investment and Advisory Investment services we charge an investment management fee of 0.75% per annum, based on the value of a client’s portfolio.  Unlike much of the industry we levy no charge for initial investments or for ongoing transactions in client portfolios. This is deliberate – it means we are not incentivised to make changes unless we feel it’s in client best interest to do so.

Fund Fees

In addition to our 0.75% per annum investment management fee, most funds we recommend carry an annual management charge, levied by the fund manager.  This charge typically ranges between 0.5% and 1.0% per annum.  By using fund platforms we are able to obtain some of the most competitive fees.

Deposit Accounts

It is sometimes useful to include bank and building society deposit accounts, national savings accounts and premium bonds on client valuations, and we are happy to advise clients on them.  However, we do not charge for doing so, and we do not take these holdings into account when managing the asset allocation and risk profile of portfolios.

Minimum Charges

For each of our investment services, the minimum charge per annum is as follows:

  • Discretionary Investment – £375 plus VAT per annum
  • Advisory Investment – £375 per annum
  • Thames Valley Investment Portfolios – No minimum fee

Minimum charges allow us to offer our range of investment services to all of our clients, while still covering our investment management and administrative expenses.


We are currently required to charge VAT for our financial planning, discretionary investment and Thames Valley Investments portfolio services.  We do not currently charge VAT for our advisory investment service, but we believe this situation may change at some point in the future and will let our clients know if it does.