A service that monitors and regularly reviews holdings in an attempt to produce a more satisfactory outcome for the investor.


The opportunity to have all your ISA, pension or other fund investments looked after within a single account.
Funds which you may not have arranged through Thames Valley Investments may also be included.

Easier monitoring and analysis of your investments and implementation of any necessary changes speedily and efficiently.

A wide choice of funds in which to invest, including key funds from most of the UK’s leading fund management groups,  the Thames Valley Investments Portfolios.

All your investments are included in a single valuation statement.  Furthermore, valuations for your entire fund portfolio may be produced at any time.

A diversified portfolio matching your attitude to investment risk and objectives for growth and/or income.

Tax Planning
Switch from direct investments to ISAs quickly and cost-effectively.

Added Value
The monitoring and switching on a quarterly basis of portfolios with pre-determined objectives such as growth, growing income or higher income.


Up to eight funds held within the Thames Valley Investment Portfolios may individually have a higher or lower risk classification than the portfolio itself.  However, the average fund risk will fall within that of the portfolio.

The range of funds within the portfolios diversifies risk.

Property funds*
Funds that invest in commercial property can delay a request to withdraw capital for a significant time period if several investors want their capital back at the same time and the manager needs to sell a property to raise cash.

This situation is rare but did happen through the 2008 banking crisis, and following the EU Referendum.  The funds hold fairly large cash positions to try and avoid this happening.  Fund managers can also change the valuation basis of the fund to reflect the costs involved in arranging sales, which results in a temporary drop in price – often by around 5%.

The value of investments is not guaranteed.  Values may go down as well as up and income may fluctuate and you may not get back your original investment.  Past performance is no guarantee for the future.

* Full details are shown in the Platform Key Features and Fund Key Features which are available on request.


Selection will be subject to the investor’s aims and attitude to investment risk.